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The steel industry is the foundation of any economy. In developing countries whose material intensity is likely to increase significantly in the future for infrastructure investment and growth in the manufacturing sector. Last few years have brought big change in Steel Industry. With advance technology and innovation steel industry has changes the mindset of the people. There is a time when people believed that a steel product strength depended in its thickness. The more the thickness of steel the more its stronger. But the real fact is-

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Due to advance technology the thinking has totally changed. Today steel strength is gauged by its design, chemical properties and mechanical properties. So now before making a product engineers take into consideration its design and its properties. Therefore the steel purchased looks less in weight does not decrease its quality. Instead by selecting the right material and proper maintenance or care the life of steel can increased and it last longer. So always purchase the material from TATA steel certified Service centre and get a test certificate along with it. This will give full worth of your money.

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